New Hampshire Planned Parenthood

Most of the time when I read about conservative efforts to defund Planned Parenthood at a federal level, it’s all pretty much the same nonsense over and over like the “Planned Parenthood kills babies and taxpayers shouldn’t have to support that…” type arguments. Never mind that no taxpayer money actually goes to provide abortions due to the Hyde amendment, anti-abortion activists just can’t seem to accept any money going to Planned Parenthood and similar groups at all. The situation in New Hampshire is just a smidge different that it feels like a whole new topic.

Since defunding Planned Parenthood at the federal level failed miserably, many anti-abortion lawmakers decided to try it on the state level to varying degrees of success. In New Hampshire, the Executive Council there decided to decline a $1.8 million state contract with Planned Parenthood, cutting a huge source of its income. The federal government then gave Planned Parenthood in the state a federal grant of $1 million to make sure they could keep their clinics open and continue to provide services to the members of the community. Again, none of this money goes to pay for abortions, it just helps low income patients receive the reproductive healthcare they need and deserve.

Apparently this action is not sitting well with the anti-abortion groups in the state. Particularly the New Hampshire Right to Life group. According to them, these services could be provided at a regular hospital: “With the recent cuts in subsidies to hospitals, the full service hospitals located in each of the communities where Planned Parenthood operates an abortion clinic would be better able to provide a variety of health care services to people in need…’’ Because apparently hospitals don’t have other things to do… like take care of sick people.

 So the NHRTL filed a Freedom of Information act request to the Department of Health and Human Services to find out why they money was granted to Planned Parenthood instead of other health care groups. The HHS responded saying they would not be able to fill the request in the normally allotted time frame so the NHRTL filed a suit to have a federal judge order the documents be handed over. I have to say, this just seems to extreme to me. Like really, is it that serious that the federal government handed out a grant to a family planning group under Title X, an act created to provide funding to family planning groups? Sometimes I wonder if anti-abortion advocates just have too much time on their hands.


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