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Wisconsin GOP and the Attack of Abstinence Only Sex Ed

I readily admit that the anti-abortion, anti-women attitude of the GOP often perplexes and annoys me. I think the one the thing that really makes me legitimately angry is abstinence only sex ed. If you are so opposed to abortion, how can you justify being anti-birth control. It is mind boggling and infuriating at the same time. Plus, it doesn’t work.

Yet, for some reason, Republican legislators in the Wisconsin state government are trying to bring aback abstinence only sex ed. Last year, the then Democrat controlled government passed the Healthy Youth Act which included provisions for sex education. The law does not require schools to offer sex education curriculum but it does say that if sex education is offered, it must be evidence based and comprehensive, meaning must include contraceptives.

 Sen. Mary Lazich has introduced a bill that would overturn the contraceptives requirement. It would also add requirements that would put it firmly into abstinence territory. It would require an emphasis on abstinence being the only reliable way to prevent pregnancy as well as require lessons in parental responsibilities and the benefits of marriage. Reports say the author of the bill claims that the bill is really about putting control into the hands of each district and that schools would still be able to teach birth control methods if they want to, but the Democrats in the state government seem to realize how ridiculous this bill is.

Wisconsin law makers need to ask the state of Texas about the effectiveness of abstinence only sex education programs. They use them and have a teen pregnancy rate that is almost double the national average. Advocates have started a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of encouraging an abstinence only sex education program. According to the State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) has said the bill will likely pass through Senate.

All I can think to say is “Ridiculous.”


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