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Sex Ed for Twenty-Somethings

This will be our last post about “things we are grateful” for this week and  though this is list is by no means all encompassing of the amazing things going on in the world of reproductive health it does include the things we most wanted to share. The final topic we will be sharing about is Sex education for young adults who have already left high school. While there are many groups that focus on teaching teens about sex education topics, much less attention gets paid to groups that reach out to people in their twenties.

One such group is the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy. They have two separate initiatives going on right now to educate people in their twenties. The first is a new PSA/Website campaign called Bedsider. It focuses on teaching women about ALL of the available birth control options. According to the Bedsider website 7 out of 10 pregnancies among women ages 18-29 are unplanned. To help reduce that number the website has a number of features aimed at educating and encouraging birth control use. The “Methods” feature provides a chart with pictures representing each of the different available methods of birth control.

They cover everything from natural planning to condoms to hormonal birth controls to IUD’s. There is even a nifty compare and contrast chart so you can see the difference between methods including cost, effectiveness, ease of use and side effects. The site also features a reminders section to set up automatic reminders for appointments with your ob/gyn and reminders to take your method of birth control. It can be set to daily if you take the pill or weekly if you use nuva ring or even monthly if you prefer. They can be sent via email or text. There is also a “where to get it” feature to help you find doctors or pharmacies that provide the various form of birth control you might need.

The NCPTUP also has a website direct towards students at community colleges called Student Sex Life. It features educational sections on birth control, STD’s and forming healthy relationships. It also features a “Man Cave” section with videos on how pregnancy happens, condoms and how to be a father and a student at the same time.

Another group that uses the web for disseminating education is UWIRE for College Students. The website covers all sorts of topics in an in depth manner. They have a “your love life’ section which provides essays and information about how to have healthy romantic relationships. “Your sex life” includes information about how to prevent pregnancy and STD’s and even the basics of how the human body works in terms of sex and reproduction. “Your self” focuses on how to determine what you want from your sex/love life and how that impacts the other areas of your life.

On group that provides information about sex and sexuality directly to college students is The Consensual Project. They give presentations about the importance of consent in sexual relationships and how to ensure you are having the kind of sex you want to be having. They are intentionally gender and sexual identity neutral to ensure anyone who wants to learn more about consent feels comfortable at their presentations and workshops.

Every one deserves access to accurate sex education so they can help keep themselves happy both emotionally and physically and that is why we are grateful to these organizations for focusing on a group that is often overlooked in terms of sex ed. We’ll be back next week.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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