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Kansas Planned Parenthood

There’s a big tangled mess going on with Planned Parenthood and the Kansas judicial system right now, so I’m going to try and clear it up a bit. Pretty much all of it stems from one man, former Kansas Attorney General and former Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline. While in these offices, he made it his mission to attack the few abortion providers in the state and what we have going on now is the fallout from that.

The big issue right now is a case against a Planned Parenthood clinic which alleges they failed to properly keep records, falsified records when asked to provide them and provided illegal late term abortions. The original complaint contained 107 charges against them. Under Kansas state law, all abortion records must be submitted to the state Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Planned Parenthood provided these records in 2003 and later Kline requested copies from Planned Parenthood as part of his “investigation.” According to him these records don’t match which is why the falsifying records charge was made.

The problem now stems from the fact that the KDHE destroyed these records back in 2005; before Kline filed the charges against Planned Parenthood. The original set of copies he requested from the KDHE was also destroyed, though these were destroyed after charges were filed. This has anti-abortion rights advocates clamoring that former KDHE officials shredded the records to protect Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood maintains the records contained identical information, but were not “exact copies” because they use handwritten records. Because the prosecution lacks authenticated copies of the records, all charges revolving around them had to be dismissed a total of 49. They are still being charged with the other 58 misdemeanor charges.

Meanwhile, according to the AP “A professional ethics panel recommended Thursday that former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline have his state law license suspended indefinitely over his conduct during criminal investigations of abortion providers, saying he was ‘motivated by dishonesty and selfishness.’”  He is also the same person behind the charges levied against the late Dr. Tiller which Dr. Tiller was acquitted of. Maybe it’s just me, but he just doesn’t seem like a good person to follow in terms of prosecuting cases. He was clearly biased and willing to do whatever it took to criminalize abortion providers regardless of whether they were following the laws or not.


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