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CPC’s say the Darnedest Things

As previously mentioned, North Carolina lawmakers have passed a bill that will create a “Choose Life” license plate. The proceeds will go to various Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the state. CPC’s throughout the country have been found to be coercive, give out false information and try to shame women into carrying their pregnancies to term. This is after using deceptive means to get pregnant women who may be seeking an abortion into their offices; they frequently use language evoking choice or offering help to women in unplanned pregnancies.

Once they have a woman in the office many will give out false statistics about abortion causing miscarriages and breast cancer and use religion to try and convince a woman that abortion is evil. A new report release by NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina Foundation found the CPC’s in the state are overall no different from those elsewhere.

The study placed calls, reviewed the websites of and had in-person visits to 66 of the state’s 122 know CPC’s and 60 of them are included in the program to receive funding from the license plate program. According to the report of the 60 included, 51 had no medical        professionals on staff yet only 11 disclosed that fact to their clients. 32 exaggerate the risks of abortion, 12 claim abortion causes breast cancer and over half of them claim that abortion usually results in “Post Abortion Stress Syndrome.”

This is all pars for the course when it comes to CPC’s though. What really sets the North Carolina CPC’s apart is their focus on religion. Yes, nearly all CPC’s are religiously inspired and use God and religion and the threat of hell to convince women to not have an abortion, but abortion tends to be their sole focus. Apparently in North Carolina, they want to “save” you and convert you to Christianity as well. According to the Charlotte Observer, one participant in the investigation was Jewish and she was told at five different centers that unless she converted, she would not get into heaven. A volunteer at one center also told her to become a “born-again virgin.”

Ok really? The absolute last thing a pregnant woman who is scared and desperate and unsure of what to do needs is to be proselytized. Her religious beliefs, while possibly useful if you are trying to coerce her to not have an abortion, are really the last thing you should be attacking if you want her to listen to you. It’s just illogical; but it does show that these CPC’s really don’t care about the women who come to them.


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