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Live Action Goes After Sex Ed Funding

                You may or may not already be familiar with Lila Rose and her organization Live Action.  Just in case you aren’t here is a brief overview. Lila Rose is an extreme anti-choice activist who, when she was still a teenager, produced a video of girls posing as underage prostitutes and older men posing as their pimps attempting to prove that Planned Parenthood promotes child sex-trafficking. They secretly filmed their interactions with Planned Parenthood employees, some of whom did seem to give very shady advice. However for the most part the video interactions were heavily edited to make it seem as though Planned Parenthood, as a company, advocates the information a very small number of employees were giving out. The video was subsequently discredited and Planned Parenthood fired the individuals who were responsible for the bad information. The video has subsequently been used by anti-choice activists and politicians as proof the Planned Parenthood is evil and should not be given any state or federal funding.

                The attempt to defund Planned Parenthood at the federal level was unsuccessful thanks to President Obama and the Democrat controlled Senate refusing to be bullied into defunding them. However that has not stopped Lila Rose on her quest to vilify Planned Parenthood. During a panel at the recent Values Voter Summit, Rose announced that Live Action is already working on a new video that will prove that Planned Parenthood is somehow misusing funds they receive for the sex education programs. Her ultimate goal is apparently to get that funding stripped and given to abstinence only programs.

                As of now, no details have been released as to what exactly it is they are arguing against in regards to the sex education programs run by Planned Parenthood. I highly doubt their focus stems from anything other than the desire to perpetuate the stigma surrounding sexuality. “Sex is a sin” so they want people to receive abstinence only sex education programs. These programs are filled with biased and untrue information. Not only that, but they just don’t work. Teens that go through abstinence only programs are less likely to use a condom when having sex and are less likely to seek treatment if they start showing symptoms of an STD.

                I cannot wrap my head around people who insist on abstinence only sex education programs. It has been proven time and time again that they do not work. I’d also really appreciate it if someone could explain to me how refusing to teach people how to protect themselves from HIV, HPV, herpes, etc. is a bad thing I would really appreciate it, because to my knowledge protection against them is a good thing.


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