Male Birth Control

                It’s a birth control party and the men are invited! It seems that recent advances in male birth control have been gaining attention and funding and are closer to reality than ever before. Since the female birth control pill was created, people have been raising the question of a male birth control pill, but there were two main deterrents. First is biology, a woman releases one egg a month during her menstrual cycle, a man produces 120 million sperm per ejaculation. Stopping one egg per month is bound to be simpler than stopping 120 million sperm each time a man ejaculates. The other main deterrent was lack of interest/funding.

                The first deterrent was contingent on the first, until there was a demand for the research to be funded, it would be hard for scientists to find a hormonal way to disable a man’s sperm count without impacting other hormone-linked characteristics. So mostly they just didn’t focus on it. Sure, throughout the years some have worked on it but made very little head way on it. With new, stricter child support laws becoming common place in the U.S. many men are becoming more concerned with being able to control their own fertility. Demand leads to production, so pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. have started putting some real effort into developing an effective male birth control. As it stands, researchers say it likely won’t be available in U.S. markets for at least 5 years; researchers here are primarily working on implants and injections.

                Over in India they are much closer. Sujoy Gupta, an Indian scientist, has been working on developing an effective male birth control for over 30 years now. He claims a 100% success rate with an injection into a male’s vas deferens that immobilizes sperm and keeps them from getting to an egg to cause fertilization. Not only does it prevent pregnancy, he says there have been no reported adverse effects. That is pretty impressive!

                I know a number of people who claim they don’t care if a guy told them he was on birth control, they would still feel the need to be on it themselves or to use a condom because they would be afraid the guy was lying, but according to one study quoted by, 75% of women polled worldwide said they would trust their partner to handle it.


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