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Just say no to a “War on Birth Control”

I’ve tried to understand the anti-abortion point of view. Maybe (hopefully) they genuinely believe they are protecting babies by trying to limit access to abortion. Maybe they genuinely believe women’s mental and physical health is at risk when they have an abortion. I vehemently disagree, but if I think about it from that point of view I can almost understand the anti-abortion sentiment. So I try to believe their claims that they really support women but every time someone who claims to be “pro-life” also opposes access to birth control, it sends my head into a tailspin. If you really support women and are so opposed to abortion, how can you believe limiting access to birth control is a good idea? Yet that seems to be exactly what Republicans do.

For most of the past year, it seems the Republican lawmakers in power have been hard set on limiting access to abortion and reproductive health care service. They have passed TRAP laws in numerous states to limit access to abortion “to protect women’s health.” They have gutted family planning from state budgets in the name of “responsible spending.” They say TRAP laws are needed to protect women’s lives, they say that women can still get the health care they need and deserve a regular a regular doctor. They even railed against the Department of Health and Human Service’s decision to include contraceptives as a no co-pay preventative service under the new “ObamaCare” insurance regulations.

One Republican is finally admitting that this is all an intentional opposition to birth control and is not about supporting women at all. Recently, Rep. Wayne Christian from Texas has come out and stated that yes there is indeed a war on birth control and he supports it. According to Think Progress When asked whether Texas’s anti-family planning efforts were “a war on birth control,” Christian replied, “Well of course this is a war on birth control and abortions and everything; that’s what family planning is supposed to be about.”

To that I have to say “finally!” At least now that Republican’s are starting to be honest in their intentions, other people who may not have been paying much attention will start to realize just how dangerous the extremist anti-women mentality really is. The more outspoken they are in their anti-birth control, anti-women agenda the more people will start to realize how reproductive and personal rights given to every American citizen have been slowly slipping away. They will start to react and vote for more liberal or moderate politicians who support a person’s right to determine their own fertility.


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