Is Common Courtesy too much to ask for?

Remember how earlier this summer, anti-choice activists were protesting outside the Germantown, MD clinic that Dr. Carhart works out of? Well, clearly that protesting didn’t work, because the clinic is still open and Dr. Carhart is still practicing there. So It seems that the anti-choicers have come up with a new tactic to try and intimidate the clinic into submission. They are protesting outside of a middle school. Yup, I said middle school, as in 11-13 year olds (give or take a year or two).

Not just any middle school though. The owner of the building that Dr. Carhart practices out of has a daughter, and they are protesting outside of her school. Somehow, they have convinced themselves that to harass a child at her school, a place where she should be safe, is a good and christianly way to get their point across. According to a recent Washington Post article, they have been there at least twice; on the first day of school and at back to school night for parents.

The protester carried signs containing “Please STOP the Baby Killing” and the Name, Address and Phone Number of the landlord. Which means it also included the last name of his daughter, a student at the school. With all the attention bullying has received this year; these activists can’t possibly be so naive as to think the little girl won’t get any negative attention from this incident. They must know that at a minimum she will be picked on just because of the commotion the protesters are causing. Apparently they just don’t care what repercussions she will face because of their actions. Though I suspect they know exactly what she will face and that is in fact their intent- to make that girl so miserable she begs her father to revoke the lease agreement between himself and Dr. Carhart. This seems unlikely to happen however. The landlord’s father was actually a doctor who happened to perform abortions so the importance of Dr. Carthart’s work is not lost on him.

His response to this makes him a better person than I am. To date he has received over 100 e-mails, 4 letters and 25 phone calls. He would like to return each of those calls with a “thank you” for their concern and prayers. He wants to fight fire with kindness. Bravo! If you are interested in supporting his cause he has created an e-mail account just for this campaign, So what are you waiting for? E-mail him today to help show those anti-choicers what REAL compassion looks like!


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