What a Great Campaign

                A few months ago legislators in Pennsylvania jumped on the anti-abortion bandwagon going on this year. The state Senate passed SB732 which is a bill that will force abortion clinics in the state to meet the same requirements as ambulatory surgical facilities. These requirements will require costly renovations to facilities that are already regulated for safety. Then there is SB3, a bill that passed out of Senate Committee but hasn’t been voted on yet. This bill will ban any insurance company that participates in the state health insurance exchange from covering abortions. Though there are exemptions for when the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest and for when the woman’s health is in danger, the “in danger” requirements are incredibly strict and don’t include any serious permanent health complications such as organ failure or paralysis.

                Reproductive rights advocates in the state have decided to speak and stand up to the legislators who are putting their own agenda’s above the realities of women’s health in the state. They have created to “We’ve Had Enough” campaign and it is a joint effort between Pennsylvanian’s for Choice and Raising Women’s Voices Southeastern Pennsylvania. As part of their efforts they have created a blog for people to share their “We’ve Had Enough” stories. They have Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep fans aware of up to date news and information regarding both the bills and the campaign in state and throughout the U.S. The Facebook page even includes a fun photo section where pictures submitted by followers showing their support are displayed.

                What will likely be their most effective tool at garnering support for the cause is the rally they are having on September 27th. They will be meeting in the state capital, Harrisburg, and letting the state legislators and Governor Corbett know they won’t stand for such blatant attacks on women’s reproductive rights. The Rally will be held from 11am-1pm on the Capitol Rotunda and buses will be available from Allentown, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Plymouth Meeting. They also have a scholarship option available if you can’t afford a bus ticket.

                So join in, send them a picture, donate to the scholarship fund, follow them on Twitter, and most importantly join them at the rally if you can.


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