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CPC’s Get State Funding

Anti-abortion rights politicians support for crisis pregnancy centers is no secret. In South Dakota they even passed a law that REQUIRES women to go to one for “counseling” before they would be allowed to get an abortion. For now that law is on hold thanks to a Court mandated injunction, but the law exists and was passed because of anti-choice politicians. They extent to which CPC’s receive state and federal support is astounding.

It all started with Pennsylvania. In the mid 90’s then Governor Robert Casey, a self professed “pro-life” Democrat, was able to strike a “gentleman’s agreement” with other Democrats in the state by agreeing that for every dollar spent on family planning a dollar would be spent on anti-abortion programs. Except Pennsylvania didn’t have any anti-abortion programs so the State government created one called “Real Alternatives.” The program’s so-called counselors (so-called because they have no formal training or educational back ground in counseling) spend their days doing nothing but trying to convince women to not have an abortion, by any means necessary. Like all CPC’s they use deceptive techniques including outright lies about links to abortion and psychological problems and issues with future pregnancies. Though the deal was informal it was kept active in the budget until recently; it seems that though the budget slashed funding for family planning the budget remained untouched for “Real Alternatives.”

Pennsylvania is just the tip of the iceberg though. In Texas, the state cut the budget for family planning and actually increased funding for CPC’s in the state. Florida did the same. 24 states provide “choose life” license plates which directly support CPC’s. In 2005 Minnesota legislature created “Positive Alternatives” which receives 5 million a year to perpetuate lies and convince women they are in mortal danger if they have an abortion. Those are just a few examples, for more examples check here.

CPC’s are nearly always religiously affiliated; even the ones receiving state funding and they make it clear their only real concern is keeping women from getting an abortion. They have even started offering free pizzas with your “consultation” as way to lure women in; then they bombard you with a religious guilt trip. Yep, because nothing says “we’ll help you” like untrained “counselors” and a free pizza.


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