More Silliness from Anti-Abortion Conservatives

You may have heard about some recent wins for abortion rights advocates in the state of Kansas. Recently two separate rulings have come down on the side of abortion providers in the state. First, an injunction was granted against the recent TRAP laws Kansas put in place that would have required complex licensing standards be met in order for providers to remain open. Second, an injunction was granted blocking the state from defunding the Planned Parenthoods in the state.

The Kansas attorney general and top government officials decided to appeal the injunction blocking the defunding of Planned Parenthood, but opted out of appealing the injunction against the TRAP laws. Apparently their decision did not sit well with the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, an organization based in Michigan. They have decided to appeal the ruling on behalf of their members located in Kansas because they are “losing childbirth-related business to abortion clinics.” So basically what they are saying is that women should HAVE to have babies because otherwise they lose money. Really? They expect that to go over well in court?

Maybe that’s why they have a back up argument; they are also claiming they are at a competitive disadvantage because they have to “unfairly bear the cost of women who seek treatment for complications from abortion procedures.” They say that because a woman would be referred to the ER if she has any serious or life threatening complications, it is forcing other people to lose money. Andrew Schlafly, the attorney for the AAPLOG said “When there is a complication, the abortion clinic takes the attitude: Well just go to the ER… Other people have to pick up the cost. Other people have to figure out what’s wrong. That’s not acceptable for any other operation.”

O.K. so maybe I am misinterpreting this, but isn’t that exactly what happens with every other medical procedure? If you experience any serious or life threatening complications, you get referred to the ER. I mean the title “Emergency Room” says it all; it’s where you go when you have a medical emergency. How this negatively impacts other doctors anymore than any other outpatient procedure is beyond me; especially considering that abortions are actually safer than many standard outpatient procedures. Also just as a side note I’d like to point out that these same doctors they are suing on behalf of do the same thing; if a woman starts hemorrhaging after childbirth she is sent to the ER not to her Ob/Gyn.

A representative for the Center for Reproductive Rights, the group representing abortion providers in Kansas, said they “feel confident that any appeal of that ruling would be unsuccessful.” I bet they were thinking “especially one this unabashedly ridiculous.”



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