Randall Terry for President?

So apparently Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue and Operation Witness, has decided to run for President. As a Democrat. No Joke, he is actually running against President Obama in the Democratic Primary. In fact he intends to run a “campaign ad” during the 2012 Super Bowl.

 I’m tempted to not give any attention to this rhetoric filled, hate-mongering, mockery of a political campaign; but I just find it too funny to not talk about. Terry with his anti-abortion, anti -gay rights, super conservative agenda is running as a Democrat. It seems the goal of Terry’s run is not to actually beat President Obama; he has indicated he would be happy with 10 or 15% of the vote in certain states as a show that he raised awareness to his cause. He really just wants to “bloody up Obama politically and draw more attention to the abortion issue.” As part of his campaign he even refers to himself as a “slave laborer who would like [his] freedom back.” Apparently we aren’t in America anymore; we live on “Obama’s plantation.”

There is one portion of his ludicrous campaign that is actually worthy of serious mention; his intent to get a graphic anti-abortion ad on TV under the guise of being an ad for his candidacy. He plans to use a provision in the Federal Communications Act which requires that all networks must allow qualified candidates to buy ad time and that the networks cannot edit the commercial. By using this loophole, Terry intends to get an extremely graphic anti-abortion ad on the air during the 2012 Super Bowl.  If he wants to lambast President Obama and oppose abortion that is his right; but using graphic imagery that is inappropriate for young viewers to spew hate-filled propaganda is just wrong. The fact that it is being done under the false pretense that he actually wants to be President is a gross abuse of our political system and network advertising space.

Considering all the attention the abortion issue has been getting in coverage of the Republican Primaries lately; I think the outcome his run will have is opposite to what Terry is hoping for. It will really just send moderate voters running scared from socially conservative politicians. The whole “guilty by association” mentality will just link anti-abortion front-runners to his level of extremism and just have people voting for President Obama to keep insanity out of the White House or else not voting at all because they don’t like any of the candidates. Or maybe that’s just what I’m hoping to see… Either way it’s just too ridiculous to not laugh at.



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