CPCs: Are They Dangerous? part 2

The misinformation provided by crisis pregnancy centers is only one aspect of the danger they pose. Another is that many of them are actually endorsed and sometimes funded by the government at both the state and federal levels. This gives them an undeserved level of legitimacy that encourages women to accept the information they are given at face value, without seeking out real medical treatment. In the case of financial support it actually limits access to real, accurate medical information while helping to increase the spread of false information. This is especially distressing when you consider the overall budget cuts impacting support given to legitimate healthcare providers. This is irresponsible government at its worst.

In Virginia 38 CPCs receive money from the states “Choose Life” license plate program, designed to provide funding to “promote and financially support adoption” throughout the state. To qualify for this program these centers had to agree to Heartbeat Internationals “Commitment of Care” Standards which include following confidentiality standards and providing medically accurate information. According to an investigation done by NARAL Virginia, 26 of those centers provided inaccurate information and none of them are legally obligated to follow HIPPA regulations because none of them are medically licensed.

 In Missouri, 52 centers receive funding through the states Alternatives to Abortion grant program while providing the same level of medically inaccurate information. As mentioned in the previous post, the federal government provides money to these centers as part of a program to provide funding to abstinence only programs, even though an investigation done by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) shows that 87% of the funded centers provide false information.

Let’s not forget South Dakota, where a bill was recently passed requiring all women who want an abortion to see a “counselor” at a registered anti-choice crisis pregnancy center. Meanwhile no centers have stepped forward to register which leaves women without a way to legally legitimize their decision as required by the state and are thus unable to get an abortion.

In Florida, not only does the state government provide funding to CPCs, it has cut over 1 million dollars of aid to established healthcare providers. Since 2006 the Florida state government has provided 2 million dollars a year to various CPCs to aid them in providing dangerously inaccurate information and limited care done by amateurs.  Apparently the Florida government finds it acceptable to take money from actual healthcare providers who handle a wide array of health issues ranging from pediatric care to STD treatment and giving it centers that provide no legitimate medical service.

It sounds ridiculous that any government, state or federal could support the dissemination of inaccurate, unsafe “medical” information provided by unlicensed volunteers, yet that is exactly what is going on. It seems that as far as politicians are concerned the health and well being of their constituents is unimportant and that is a dangerous attitude for any government to have.








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